At Caio Terra Academy (CTA), Portland, we offer a variety of Jiu-Jitsu programs to accommodate those in the Beaverton, Portland, and Tigard area! From our fundamental classes, designed for the beginning practitioner, to those looking to refine their knowledge in the advanced courses to our kid's programs, we teach ANYONE, because we believe Jiu-Jitsu is for EVERYONE! If you want to try an exciting martial art, learn self-defense, be a world champ or get in shape, we have a Jiu-Jitsu program for you. Come in today for a free trial class and see all we have to offer.

At CTA Portland, we believe that it’s more than helping your child succeed on the mat, it’s about helping your child succeed in life. Jiu-Jitsu teaches children discipline by requiring them always to respect their instructors, teammates, and training area. This code of conduct inevitably transfers to their home, school, and friends. The lessons they learn today will last a lifetime.

Like all Caio Terra Academy, we follow the curriculum designed and tested by the 12-time world champion, Professor Caio Terra!



At the Caio Terra Academy, Portland, we offer Fundamental and Advanced adult classes. This Fundamentals class was designed for beginners with little or no experience. Here, they will learn the basic moves, positions, and the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu. This class will help you to learn step by step techniques that are essential to building a solid game in Jiu-Jitsu and covers Caio Terra’s white to blue curriculum. We believe that this class is crucial, and we encourage even our advanced students to review and drill these moves as often as they can. This is a Traditional Gi class and is an hour and fifteen minutes long.

Our advanced class expands on concepts and theories learned in fundamentals. In this class, there is extra time for drilling and rolling (live training). Although it’s designed for people with more experience, we encourage the beginners to do this class as well as the Fundamentals class. The use of a Gi is mandatory in this class. Usually, this class begins right after a fundamentals class, and students will start the course with a lite warm-up, rolling, and working techniques towards the end of class. This class is at least an hour-long, and students are NOT obligated to stay the whole class.


At the Caio Terra Academy, we believe that the training your child will receive with us will last a lifetime. We will help your child achieve their full potential by increasing their self-esteem and confidence while teaching them effective martial arts. Your child will have a head start in life because they will be ready to deal with tough situations such as peer pressure and bullying. Your child will have fun while learning how to defend themselves and building leadership qualities. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors will teach your child how to use technique over strength and how to use their attacker force against themselves. Other benefits for your child will include:
*Earning better grades.
*Experiencing higher self-esteem.
*Developing personal discipline.
*Learning how to set and achieve goals.
*Get physically fit.
*Learn a fantastic martial art while having fun!


"Aaron, Ben and Monica are amazing people! I love vising CTA Portland, it's truly like my second home. "

— Nick Haloski
OSS Clothing (Owner)

"I was very intimidated about starting Jiu jitsu, Aaron and Ben really helped me overcome my fears "

— CTA Portland Student

"This is the nicest facility in a 10 miles radius. Not only is it clean and aesthetically pleasing, the coaching staff is highly technical and friendly. If you’re on the fence about Jiu Jitsu or deciding between different gyms, come test this place out first."

— Tracy Danielson
CTA Forest Grove (Owner)